Debra Roberts, Master Beekeeper

DEBRA ROBERTS is a natural (treatment-free) beekeeper and international honeybee educator, speaker, mentor, advocate, artist, and writer. She speaks on subjects like:

  • Natural Compassionate Beekeeping (from nuts and bolts to the path itself):  1/2-day to 3-day sessions
  • The Sacred Path of Bee: Beekeeping as a Sacred Practice
  • 100 Ways (and More) to Help the Pollinators
  • Love as the Ultimate Activism
  • Women and Beekeeping: Women’s Ways in the Apiary and How They are Changing Modern Apiculture
  • Following the Bee Trail:  A Woman Beekeeper’s Adventures in the Wide World
  • Urban Beekeeping
  • Top Bar Beekeeping
  • Honeybee presentations for children.
  • Modern Pollination Practices (the Stress on Bees and How We Can Do Better)

She is Founder of Holy Bee Press, Vice President of The Center for Honeybee Research, Founder of The Honeybee Project, a bee mentor for Hamaatsa (an indigenous learning center in New Mexico), editor of a series of ongoing articles about honeybees and natural beekeeping, on the Steering Committee of Bee City USA, and received her Master Beekeeping certification in 2010. She is founder faculty of The College of the Melissae: Center for Sacred Beekeeping in Ashland, Oregon and was chosen as one of the Heroes of Asheville in 2014. She also created the online series, The Sacred Path of Bee for bee appreciators worldwide. She mentors new beekeepers in their yards, by email, Skype and by phone. Debra also consults and collaborates with fellow artists on honeybee-related projects (email her for more information about this). Debra resides in the mountains of Western North Carolina with her husband Joe, cat Habla, and millions of honeybees.

You can meet her at these links:

Debra can be contacted to speak , teach or mentor at: debra@holybeepress.com or (828) 712-0880.




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