WELCOME TO THE HOLY BEE PRESS! We are a crossroads of honeybee conversation and world bee salon … with some wonderful books coming down the line later this year. We will keep you updated via the blog as the face and form of each new creation is birthed … but just to let you know what’s coming:

The Sacred Path of Bee

An online series for everyone who appreciates bees. No beekeeping experience required. COME JOIN US!

Bee Loving Hussies: “Queens” Series (postcards)

Support our Bee Habit!  See the Postcards.

The Honeybee Fly Around Song DVD

The Honeybee Fly Around Song is a delightful music video for children … all about the honeybees! Buy the DVD!

Dear Roy

A series of ongoing articles on bees and beekeeping by some of the “Bee Illuminati”  in the natural beekeeping world.

QUEENS: Women Who Are Kept By Their Bees

A book about astonishing women beekeepers who are making the bee world (and the world) a better place. (Stay tuned …)


We Support:

Working on behalf of the honeybee through research and education. Promoting an understanding of the honeybee’s vital importance to the environment, our global food supply and the future of all life.

BEE CITY USA   and also …

Vanishing of the Bees
Queen of the Sun
The Good of the Hive

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