The Honeybee Fly Around Song DVD

The Honeybee Fly Around Song is a children’s music video (on DVD)! Teenaged musician, beekeeper, and storyteller extraordinaire, Todd Elliott, plays fiddle, sings, works with bees, and dances on beehives in this delightful musical romp. Todd, his parents, and Irish singer and composer Danny Ellis collaborated to adapt the lyrics of two traditional songs to educate children about the honeybee. This production was filmed primarily at the Elliott family’s homestead in North Carolina.

This eight-minute video was originally created for The Honeybee Project, a non-profit project in service to children and honeybees everywhere. From 2012, a percentage of the sales of this DVD now helps to support The Center for Honeybee Research .

The DVD is $5 plus shipping.

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jim womeldorf April 21, 2014 at 10:31 pm


I had placed an order for the DVD a couple of months ago. I have not received it yet or heard anything about its availability. Please let me know if you have my order: Jim Womeldorf, 67979 Ridge Way, Montrose CO 81403. Thank you.


Debra Roberts June 10, 2014 at 6:28 pm

Jim, I am so very sorry that this message somehow got missed. My web person caught this oversight this today. Usually we are right on it. I apologize. We will send you two DVDs as thanks for your patience. The package will go in the mail tomorrow (from NC). Thanks and many blessings to you.


Jim Womeldorf June 15, 2014 at 5:52 pm

Hi Debra,

I received my DVDs yesterday- thank you! And thanks for the extra DVD, which really wasn’t necessary. It will find a worthy home.

Although it is called a “children’s” DVD, my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our first viewing of it. I will be showing it to a group of adults with intellectual disabilities next week as part of a beekeeping class I am teaching; I know they will love it. It is really a clever and well done video with a very important message. Thank you,Todd and everyone involved for their efforts in making this delightful DVD and helping to save the honeybee. I will continue to spread the word of the plight on the honeybee and the Honeybee Project! Again, thanks so much and blessings to you all…Jim Womeldorf, Montrose, Colorado.


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