Tamasin Ramsey

Tamasin Ramsay (PhD) was awarded her graduate diploma in medical anthropology from the University of Melbourne and her doctorate from Monash University. As an applied anthropologist, Tamasin explores the intersection and relationship between people and the natural world. She has a special expertise in religion and spiritual communities. Tamasin is currently working with colleagues in India to expand the research into Sustainable Yogic Agriculture. Tamasin has started working with the director of an organic farming estate in Italy who is keen to be the first SYA research site outside of India. They are currently establishing methods to incorporate SYA farming techniques in a new field this year. Tamasin lives and works primarily in India and New York, and more recently in Europe. She regularly practices Raja Yoga (Brahma Kumaris school) and Vipassana meditation, and returns as often as possible to her homeland of Australia to smell the eucalyptus trees, listen to the kookaburras, and generally marvel in what that extraordinary land offers.Tamasin Ramsay can be contacted at tamasin.ramsay@monash.edu.

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